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The Ekolektro Fuel Cell

Can very easy be integrated in an existing solar power plant, here we have already an inverter. In general this inverter has overcapacity, anyway most time of the year. The Fuel cell can be easily connected.

To install the fuel cell an inverter is necessarily to connect to normal power. Ask your Solar installer to do this for you.

The fuel Cell is not dependent of a roof on the south, so it

Can be placed anywhere

How much electricity can I expect from the fuel cell?

When we make a moderate estimation it will be about 1750 KWh a year per Unit.
A small household uses this amount in a year.
See for you own usage on your yearly bill.

The costs of the Ekolektro Fuel cell will be around € 1500,- (depending on exchange rates, sending costs etc.) ecl. Inverter!

When you make a downpayment of € 150,- you pay later not € 1350,- but only € 1100,- incl VAT as a special introduction offer


Like solar panels the Units can be connected to each other for any need of electricity.

Costprice Electricity

 1 year    1750 Kwh      0.85/ Kwh

 3 years   5250 Kwh      0.28/ Kwh

 5 years   8750 Kwh      0.17/ Kwh

10 years 17500 Kwh     0.08/ Kwh

20 years 35000 Kwh     0.04/Kwh

The Ekolektro Fuel Cell can move from house tot house